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Slug Bug Rules

 Basic Slug Bug Rules

The first person to spot and claim a VW bug (or others depeding on variations) gets one point and hits the other person in the car.  If there are multiple players then determine who gets hit by whatever means necessary.  When calling "Slug Bug!" it is best to append it with the vehicle's color to ensure that you aren't called for calling a vehicle that wasn't a VW bug.

One point is awarded to the first person who calls it for each Punch Buggy seen. If you wrongly identify a car as a Punch Buggy and call it, one point is deducted from you score. If you have already hit the person with whom you're playing and then the misidentification is confirmed the person wrongly Punch Buggied may at his discretion double punch the offender immediately or he may save the mis-punch until the next time you have a legitimate Punch Buggy and he can 'take the hit away from you.' To do that the victim of the misidentification and hit says "Save it for later." The next time you spot a legitimate Punch Buggy you can still call it however you are banned from following through with a hit. If you forget and hit anyway you forfeit the game and the other guy wins.

Additional Slug Bug Car Game Rules

You can not slug the owner of a beetle if you see their car. Any other beetle, however, is fair game.

• When you spot a Bug or a Beetle, yell Punch Buggy and the color of
the car. For example, if you see a blue Bug, you yell "Punch Buggy

• If you don't want to get hit back, you have to say "No punch back,"
as you sock the other player.

Variations of the game

• Beetle Bop: A family-friendly, G-rated version of the original
game. If you see a Beetle or Bug, just holler "Beetle Bop." You don't
hit the other player. It's all about who spots it first.

• Love Bug: For the hippies or touchy-feely types, if you see a Bug
or Beetle say "Love Bug" and give a hug or kiss to the other player.

• Cruiser Bruiser: The PT Cruiser, another uniquely shaped and
easily recognized car, has its own version of Slug Bug. You see a PT
Cruiser, call "Cruiser Bruiser" and punch the other player.

• Camry Compliments: A game for ego-boosting. If you see a
Toyota Camry, you have to compliment the other player.